Your distributor of spanish wines and spirits at the best price in Europe

Are you looking for a reliable, fast and a very competitive wine provider for you business?

Licores Madrueño, is the oldest and most reliable wine merchant in Madrid (Spain), with over 120 years of experience. We are experts in the wine and spirits business distribution and retail sales.

We work with…

Wholesalers – Wine shops – Restaurants – Bars and nightclubs – Hotels

We can ship small quantities so you do not have to worry about buying large amounts of the same product to get a competitive price neither you have to have a big warehouse to store large quantities of the same product. You can order the amount you want 100% fitting your needs.

All our wine and spirits have been carefully chosen by our sommeliers in collaboration with Mariano, the company’s owner belonging to the third generation of a wine traders and producers family, with a strong background in the industry as liqueurs and spirits master developer.

You can download our price list where you can find over 1800 references of quality wines and spirits, in the link below:

Spanish Wines

International Spirits

We have special agreements with most major wineries and distribution companies

We are not only serving our customers the best wines and spirits from huge producers and others less known, but we are doing it at the most competitive prices.